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Some of our members' favorite places on the web
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Astro Imaging:
Elliot Severn, BMAS member
Paul Hyndman, the Astro-Nut
Eric Ng - Hi Res Webcam Imaging
Tan Weileong - Hi Res Webcam Imaging

Telescope Making:
Amateur Telescope Making Journal
Plans for building a Dobsonian Telescope
Majestic Optical Coatings

Astro Equipment:
Night Fire Scientific

Light Pollution:
International Dark Sky Association
The Glarebuster® Light Pollution Solution

Things to see in the sky:
BMAS Members' Astrophotographs
The Astro-Nut: Paul Hyndman's Amazing Astrophotography
The Night Sky: Learn Constellations
This Week's Sky at a Glance
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Earth Moon Viewer 
Heavens Above 
NASA JSC Digital Image Collection
Hubble Telescope Official Site

Free Astro Greetings:

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Astronony Clubs and Organizations:
Astronomical Society of New Haven
McCarthy Observatory
Westport Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of Greenwich
Mattatuck Astronomical Society
Astromonical Society of Greater Hartford
Thames Amateur Astronomical Society of SE CT
Southern New England Stargazers
Frosty Drew Observatory
Astronomical Society of Southern New England
San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
Astrosociety of the Pacific
Stratford Upon Avon Astronomical Society

Various web resources - informative astro sites:
Universe Today- Space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday. 
The Nine Planets
Sky & Telescope Magazine
Discovery Channel Space
Astronomy Boy - Resources & Tutorials for the Amateur Astronomer
Space Telescope Science Institute
Adler Planetarium 
Kuiper Airborne Observatory
Sky Router
L5 Development - Soutions in Space
The Bad Astronomy Page
Yahoo Astronomy Links
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence [SETI]
S.E.D.S. [Students for the Exploration and Development of Space]

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